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WT = working title

The Millennium Sorceress - a novel or an RPG

WT: Nightmare Districts (incl. Mark) - a graphic novel

Dark Matter - an RPG


This online art portfolio is divided into two sections:

  • Traditional Art for drawings done in pencil.
  • Digital Art for drawings done in an art software.

    You can find more drawings at my deviantart. Most of my drawings will be there since I'm too lazy to add them here. Sorry. :P

    T r a d i t i o n a l

     [2008 ~ pencils, markers and colored pencils] One of Elda's many, many, many outfits.  With Elda's personality change since I made this drawing, I doubt she would walk around wearing this. ^^;    [2008 ~ pencils, markers and colored pencils] Another outfit I made for Elda that she will not wear. It is very cute, though. I may pass it on to Giga or something.    [2010 ~ pencils] I drew this picture of Elda in my sketchbook but I didn't want to rip it out. So, I apologize for the crappy picture quality.    [2008 ~ pencils and colored pencils] She looks so upbeat in this picture, doesn't she? I really like the big bows and bright colors that I gave her. The outfit is very Lulu-esque though. xD    [2008 ~ pencils] This drawing would have been perfect if I didn't mess up her body.  Oh well...her expression is so adorable. ^^    [2008 ~ pencils, markers and colored pencils] For some reason, I decided to make Giga do that surfer hand sign. LOL. I also decided to give her pigtails...which is not such a bad idea. It fits her adorable nature ^_^.